Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

Proposal, modeling and rendering

Single-family home built in 1948, later converted to duplex. Bottom unit is 408 sq ft total, one bedroom, one bathroom. The client is looking for creative, affordable solutions to maximize the functionality of the spaces. Priorities (descending order): functionality, affordability, renter-friendly (neutral colors), increasing storage space, ease of maintenance, incorporating washer/dryer. Our solution was to use some of the existing bathroom and enlarge the kitchen area size. Also we added the maximum storage for the kitchen area. The dryer and the washer has been arranged in the kitchen. The sink has been remained in the same position. In the bathroom, the toilet and the shower remained as they were, but the shower got larger (walk-in shower).

Team: Ruben Sabou, Cristina Radu
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Year: 2014